About Us

Who We Are?

Sahintek Machines was established in Bursa in 1970 as a manufacturer of weaving machines, carpentry machines and aluminium processing machines. As of mid of 90s, the spread of using PVC doors and windows both in Turkey and around the world has created a serious demand in pvc processing machines sector. As a result of this demand, we have focused entirely on the production of PVC processing machines.

Our company, which has been continuing its production since the 70s without sacrificing quality, has become one of the leading manufacturers both in domestic and worldwide market with its principle of high quality and affordable machinery production.

Sahintek Machines has been continuing to produce for 50 years with innovative, user-friendly and quality production by combining experience and trust in the machinery industry.

Why Sahintek Machines?


Sahintek Machines is focused to manufacturing customer-oriented, highly competitive, reliable, and high-quality products.
Sahintek Machines designs, develops, manufactures PVC processing machines that meet international industrial standards and provides premium after-sales technical services.


We use our material and technological resources in accordance with the principle of providing “safe and high-quality service” in a way to meet customer requirements and expectations. Providing the best service to our customers by means of planned and programmed work processes to be always the most preferred company with the awareness that human is the most important resource in providing quality services is our principle.


We follow components that constitute the evidence of our quality management principles.
We use our business skills and experience to meet customer satisfaction.
We raise employees’ awareness of quality to meet customer requirements and expectations.
We follow continuous quality improvement principles in all business processes.
And we always respect the human dignity.

Our Mission and Vision


We enhance the production abilities by creating effective inventions for the sector-partners of PVC and Aluminum field, and we take our place as a brand which is a global manufacturer.


We are an innovative and reliable engineering company that specialises in high-quality PVC processing machines. Each new project becomes a challenge to optimise and maximise the profitability of space.

Principles of Sahintek Machines


We make quality-oriented production in our constantly renewed, high-tech machine parkour.


Our employees work more effectively, faster and impeccable with teamwork.


As a result of quality, speed and effective work; we always deliver on time.


Our main rule is safety, fast and on-time delivery in export process

Sahintek Machines as Legal Entity

Sahintek Machines is a manufacturer of PVC Processing Machines as;

  • PVC Cutting Machines

  • PVC Welding Machines

  • PVC Router Machines

  • PVC Milling Machines

  • PVC Cleaning Machines

  • PVC Screwing Machines

Our company is based in Turkey and we been acting with the principle of quality. Sahintek Machines is a brand that has proven its quality with the Quality Management System (ISO 9001) and European Safety Standards Compliance (CE) certificate.

We will be proudly providing quotation, service and production solutions regarding every type of;

  • Turkish PVC Processing Machines

  • Turkish Aluminium Processing Machines

And we will be always supply after-sale services for our products;

  • PVC Processing Machines Made in Turkey

  • Aluminium Processing Machines Made in Turkey

We are Sahintek Machines!

We continue our production adventure, which we started in 1970 with the principle of quality, innovation and 100% trust, by adding new projects day by day. And today, we are one of the leaders in the sector who has 2000 square meters production facility. We sell our machines in both domestic and international markets and we also provide after-sales support services for our machines.

With our experienced and professional staff, we have been responding to the PVC and Aluminum Processing Machinery needs of the industry for 50 years.

International Power

We continue influencing industry and related sectors, globally. From Europe to Africa, America to Australia, we meet the needes with our unique designs, perfect services and affordable solutions.

Our highly experienced professional engineering and production team members are expert in machines and skilled in problem solving. On the contrary, we’re extremely happy to improve ourselves with the help of our experience which we gather all around the world. To be exact; 57 different countries!

Whether the need is a PVC processing machine or an aluminium processing machine, we are here to help you!

Leading Manufacturer of PVC Processing Machines and Aluminium Processing Machines From Turkey

Sahintek Machines is a company based in Turkey which has been specialized on manufacturing of PVC Processing Machines and Aluminium Processing Machines. Our mission is to provide the best solutions for needs of PVC Cutting Machines, PVC Welding Machines, PVC Router Machines, PVC Milling Machines, PVC Cleaning Machines, PVC Screwing Machines, Aluminium Cutting Machines, Aluminium Welding Machines, Aluminium Router Machines, Aluminium Milling Machines, Aluminium Cleaning Machines, Aluminium Screwing Machines. Therefore Sahintek Machines has constituted a perfect production and organizational structure to procure well designed top-quality and long lasting machines. Sahintek Machines is competent to provide exactly what you need in a right delivery time. With its flexible team and individual and custom production capability, Sahintek Machines is also open for custom requests. You’re at the right address for high quality PVC Processing Machines and Aluminium Processing Machines. Contact us to get fast quotation and solution offer!